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A Better App

We deliver great apps for qualified clients for as little as $599.00!

Yes, you really do need an app, but not every business needs an expensive app. We build apps that are incredibly affordable, simple, effective, agile, and run fast across the full multitude of mobile devices.

We offer three core models of simple apps to our clients: Branding, Retail, and Professional. In addition, we are app developers fully qualified and experienced in the development of highly complex, custom apps.

Call us to chat about what kind of app is best for you at (619) 426-0165

The ABA (A Better App) platform offers inexpensive apps using three primary business models: Branding, Retail, & Professional. Each model comes with standard "options" and is capable of customization with the addition of supplemental options.



Our options include push notifications, a loyalty/rewards program, spotlight to feature selected products, a professionals roster with diverse contact options, etc. Follow our growing <a href="/SOMETHING>list of options here.

Our ABA apps are a tool that you customize to best support your marketing goals and unique business vision. Call us at (619) 426-0165 or drop us a line using our contact form for a friendly discussion about app types, app options, or general app Know-How's.