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A Better App

A Better App is part of the App Instigators Group, a consulting firm  based in San Diego, California.

We are focused upon the development of useful apps for mobile devices promoting start-ups, small and mid-size businesses of all types. Our apps are notable for their tight focus, light weight, extreme affordability, and ease of maintenance.

We develop and manage apps and websites for our own account as well as for clients. Through our co-owned sister organization, Internet Services Co., we have extensive experience as digital marketing specialists and creators of responsive websites. As consultants and owners of several online businesses, we have a high degree of insight into the requirements of small and mid-size enterprises; knowledge we put to work for our app clients.

We have developed directory-based apps for websites, apps for professional services groups, apps for retail clients, and apps for subscription-based projects. Our current project, now in beta, is all about the rapid deployment of lightweight, standalone apps that bring exposure on the Internet for small and mid-size companies at a level more common to large enterprises.

If you are looking for innovative ways to promote your business on the Internet with an app, call us. We have been growing with the Internet since 1996.